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Silk is an incredible natural product that can be made into many different fabric styles. Below are descriptions of the types of silk and satin used in our sheets, blankets and duvets to help you choose which one is best for you.
Charmeuse silk is a silk lined with crepe. Watermark silk is a type of silk charmeuse
Habotai silk is extremely lightweight and very smooth. It is used in our Travel Sleeping Sacks
Floss silk is unwoven silk used to fill pillows and duvets.
Raw silk is not shiny or 'finished' looking because the color is left slightly uneven
Satin silk is woven with the smooth shiny finish of satin, lending to an ornate look. (not to be confused with a polysatin)
Silk comes from the silk worm coccoon. The highest quality silk is made from feeding silk worms mulberry tree leaves.

Silk Cocoons              
Silk worm coccoon        

Our silk duvets are hand crafted in Hangzhou China under strict quality control, ensuring that the Grade A mulberry silk filling is of the finest quality. Our duvets are made only of long row mulberry silk floss. Each strand of long fiber mulberry silk can be over a kilometer long. This provides delicate layers of fill that do not bunch or shift, eliminating cold spots so it will remain like this for its entire lifetime.

Making mulberry silk floss in China       

Silk Cap                   
Drying Room               



Silk Room Quality

Our Products have
Standard 100 Certificate
Tested by Testex Zurich.

and  Ecological Textile Certificate

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