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Benefits of Silk   -


For centuries the Chinese have known the Health Benefits of Silk Bedding. 
We have only just begun to learn of the many wonderful properties of silk.

                    Silk ticks all the boxes - Natural - Luxurious - Healthy - Safe         

  • Natural Insulator
    It has been known for centuries that silk is one of the best natural insulators.
    The silk worm has developed it's cacoon to protect itself under harsh conditions.

  • Skin - Anti-Aging
    Silk has Amino acids and cellular albumen
    'the nearest thing to human skin known to man' , which counter the affects of aging and hydrate the skin.
    Lines are not created do to pressure and drag on your pillow while sleeping. (I personally have experienced this
    I now do not wake up with my smile line and crowsfeet inbedded on my face from sleeping on my side).
    Cellular albumen help with skin metabolism.

    (Natural Cellular Albumen -  a component that contributes to skin health by speeding the rejuvenating process of skin cells (decreasing aging of skin)
    and, coupled with the silk amino acid and permeability properties, contributes to the relief of joint pain, asthma, arthritis and insomnia.)

  • Hair
    Less trips to the hairdresser as resting on a silk pillowcase and pillow doesn't drag at your hair.
    Your hair will in better condition, looking lovely and tangle free. This is due to less resistance and the
    amino acids.

  • Thermal Regulator
    Sleep soundly with no partner disturbance as the unique thermal qualities of silk means two can sleep comfortably at their own natural temperature.

  • Hypo-allergenic
    The perfect solution for those suffering from asthma, eczma and other allergies

  • Breathable
    No more night sweats or over heating at different times during the night

  • Strong and durable       
    Silk is a long and strong fibre making it long lasting.
    It will provide years of service, outlasting most natural or synthetic materials.

  • Lighter and warmer
    Silk is warmer than other natural duvets of similar weight and flows over the body.
    No cold tunnels between partners. 
    Because of the lighter weight your silk duvets you can easily roll over under the duvet
    without it sliding off the side of your bed. Silk Duvets never leave the bed before you do. They don't fall off during the night and they do not bunch or have cold spots.

  •  Easy Care
    This is becasue of the laying of the whole cacoon. The silk does not fall to one end or seperate. Once the silk is placed in the outer cover and attached around the edges, it will stay there for years.
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