About Silk

About Silk

Not All Silk Duvets Are Equal

Like most things we buy there good quality silk duvets, and bad. And it’s not always clearly obvious. So what should we look for when purchasing a good quality silk duvet that is not only comfortable but will last the test of time? I’m always advocating – buy quality, not quantity, especially for those items you expect to last.  It will work out much more cost effective and far more satisfying.

About Silk

Where do we start: The first thing and most important to consider is the QUALITY OF SILK. There are many different types of silk frown in many different countries. The best by far is MULBERRY SILK. So this makes it the only choice for bedding. Getting down to the nitty-gritty, this silk can come from different regions around the world, and the best is the SILK ROAD REGION of China. Yes! the best silk comes from China. Just as kiwifruit loves the growing conditions of New Zealand, the mulberry bush grows lush in this region of China, making the silk inhabitants large and healthy. The silk is LONG FIBRE, white in colour, strong and fine.

FACT: Did you know? -Silk is so strong it was used in bike racing tyres, before steel mess and carbon fibre took over.
-Silk was used in the making of parachutes.





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