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Guide to Buying a Silk Duvet

It’s important to know that not all silk duvets are equal.

So how do you know what to buy? Just like every product out there silk duvet inners come in different qualities. And some may look and sound like they are good but when you received them they’re not what you expected. I have heard some pretty bad stories about what people have received.

What to look for when buying a SILK DUVET

To help with your purchase, here are a few things to look out for. First of all the best silk  is MULBERRY silk and it comes from the silk road regions of China. Mulberry silk is stronger, whiter, softer and much longer than other silk fibers. This makes the best silk bedding. It’s important to make sure you get the ‘long’ fiber and not the short pieces which are basically waste from stretching out the cocoons. (small pieces can come away during this process).

Silk Cocoon to Cap

You can purchase your own via Alibaba, but this is very risky, and even I have been caught out with a fake product when I ordered a sample of silk sheets and they turned out to be polyester. So it’s best not to try as you can end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Duvet Outer

It’s just as important to buy a duvet that has an outer coer made from natural fabric. Cotton, linen or silk. This is to ensure you get the full benefit of the silk inside. If for instance, it has a polyester or man made fabric, the properties are not the same. Man made fabrics can make you feel hot and stuffy in the summer and cold in the winter. They also do not have any ‘give’ in them so feel hard. You may not notice it, but natural fibres have a little flexibility in them making them a much better choice for fabric.

Choosing a duvet with either a silk charmeuse cover or a 100% cotton outer which has a sateen stripe weave with give you the best comfort.  Then sateen stripe weave relaxes the cotton for extra softness.

Finish and Workmanship

Another part of the manufacturing of a silk duvet is the quality of workmanship.

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Silk Duvet

The stitching and finish. It’s an       added benefit if you can see inside   the duvet to check the silk quality, so   a small inspection zip is handy. And   then it comes to overall look. Having   the duvet finished with piped edging   gives it a more suffisticated look and   strengthens the edge.

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