SUPER KING – Silk Duvet


Cocoon yourself in luxury. A silk duvet will give you the best sleep experience you’ve ever had. Draping beautifully around the body and with it’s unique thermal properties, you’ll wake feeling totally refreshed. Made from the highest grade, 100% long fibre mulberry silk our duvets will make you feel spoilt.



Silk is the ultimate fibre. It is lightweight but warmer than down, feather and wool. It’s naturally hypoallergenic. Which means no chemicals are sprayed on to make it that way. Silk is dust mite resistant and mold resistant. No other fibres come close to this. It has the added bonus of fabulous thermal properties.  You will feel comforatable in a wider range of tmeperatures sleeping under the same weight silk duvet. This also means partners with 2x different temperature preferences will be comfortable under the same duvet.


  • Highest grade, 100% long fibre mulberry silk
  • Breathable – No stuffy nights
  • Naturally hypoallergenic – No chemicals
  • Unique thermal properties
  • Premium 300tc 100% cotton sateen stripe cover
  • Finished with piped edging
  • 265cm x 210cm

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Summer, Winter, All Seasons


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